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Quinta Do Lagar Novo

Quinta do Lagar Novo is located 35km from Lisbon, in Alenquer. It was acquired by the Elias Gonçalves de Carvalho family in the 1940s. The name Lagar Novo arose in 1742, at which time two wineries of rod and spindle were built.


After 30 years of table grapes, in 2005, a new era begins, with the planting of four grape varieties. A year later the first grapes were vinified in the winery, three references that remain: Chardonnay, Viognier and 5° of Lagar Novo. The Arinth and the Marsanne later joined them. 

Quinta do Lagar Novo has more than 200 harvests, in 5ha of vineyards, under the guidance of Luis de Carvalho, who counts on the commitment of his sons Tiago, João and Helena.


At Quinta do Lagar Novo, five whites are now generated, with great oenological merit, from the Chardonnay varieties (great quality and charisma), Viognier (originality and elegance), Arinto (aromatic and rich in acidity) and Marsanne (full palate and body unctuous). 

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